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Faux "Poured Concrete"

Faux "Poured Concrete" is our best-selling architectural wall finish.


It mimics the look of real poured or precast concrete at the fraction of the cost. ConcreteStudio 7 is using high quality designer concrete mix and custom tools to achieve a flat and smooth surface with air pockets and other irregularity typical for poured or precast concrete. The result is a clean and minimalistic architectural concrete finish that works well in modern interiors.

Faux "Poured Concrete" has excellent mechanical properties. It's  enduring and also fire and corrosion resistant. Due to its extremely long lifespan, low maintenance and high-level fire safety, it's a perfect choice for commercial projects and high traffic areas.


When protected with innovative NANO sealer, faux "Poured Concrete" becomes dirt resistant and easy to clean while also keeping the natural look.

While preserving originality and natural character of real Poured Concrete, faux "Poured Concrete" reinterpret the archetypical robustness that is unique to concrete into a 1/8" thin veneer with all-new surface aesthetics.

Faux "Poured Concrete" is an outstanding alternative to granite, marble, traditional precast concrete and stone.

Order FREE SAMPLES of faux "Poured Concrete" for your project or Design library.

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