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Real Poured Concrete
Best-selling faux "Poured Concrete"
Fireplace in faux "Poured Concrete"
Faux "Poured Concrete", Miami
Staircase in faux "Poured Concrete"
TV wall in "Poured Concrete"
Concrete project in Florida
Modern concrete Conference room
Bathroom in faux "Poured Concrete"
Shower in faux "Poured Concrete"
Close-up of faux "Poured Concrete"
Concrete effect done with glaze
Faux Concrete with form-work joints
Faux Concrete with water marks
Concretestudio 7 at work
Concrete finish at Hu Restaurant
Concrete residential project
Outside fireplace in faux Concrete
Stained Concrete fireplace
Concrete and stone fireplace
Black concrete with gold high-lights
Stenciling with concrete
Stripes in faux concrete
Concrete with exposed brown coat
Stamping with concrete
Metallic finish with concrete
Cncrete finish with rust effect

concretestudio 7

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