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Custom concrete finishes

ConcreteStudio 7 offers Custom concrete finishes with the look and the properties you need. 


Specify your color, texture, level of gloss and desired decorative elements, like panels, formwork joints or ankerdots.Tell us if you want your finish to be water-proof, crack resistant, washable, environmentally friendly...


Besides finishes done with Cement of Portland we are offering Architectural concrete finishes using lime plasters or synthetic concrete. Each Decorative Concrete Coating has it's own benefits.


Lime plaster is 100% green material with many health beneficial properties. Due to high absorbency and high PH, walls finished with lime plasters control air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and stabilizing humidity at a comfortable level.
Lime plasters are naturally resistant to mold and fungus. It's an ideal architectural wall finish for high humidity areas like bathrooms or houses by the ocean. Differently from real concrete lime plasters are easy to tint to any color.  Lime plaster is better material for large walls that has to be finished continuously without seams.

Main benefit of Architectural Concrete Finishes done with synthetic concrete  is its elastomeric properties. This is especially important for new construction when settling house can crack traditional finishes. This Decorative Concrete Coating can be tinted to any Benjamin Moor colors. It is also a pefect material for strie and some other inexpensive but very durable finishes. 

We offer Custom 2' by 2' samples on 1/8" MDF board at $300.00 a piece. On site samples are $500.00


See some of our custom samples below.

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